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Asphalt paving in Bergen County is an integral part of what we do at McFarlane Paving. Asphalt repair and asphalt maintenance are two very important services that we have many years of experience with. Asphalt is an important and efficient material commonly used for parking lots and driveways. Because it is such a ubiquitous material, we devote our fifty years of extensive experience to services including asphalt repair in Bergen County and asphalt maintenance in Bergen County.

Weather conditions can be unforgiving any time of year. At McFarlane Paving, we want to make sure your asphalt will withstand the heat, cold, sun, snow and rain. This porous material absorbs water from rain or humidity, which can cause warping and cracking when the temperature decreases. There are many conditions associated with the cracking of asphalt, such as frost heave, which is caused by water freezing underneath the surface in low temperatures. This problem can be caused by draining water away before the asphalt is laid down.

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