Driveways Bergen County, NJ

Driveways Bergen County, NJ

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Are you looking for driveway paving in Bergen County, NJ? The driveway paving professionals at McFarlane paving have over 58 years of experience, utilizing industry progress to give residents and commercial property owners paved driveways that stand out from the pack. We are a trusted driveway paving company bringing you high quality driveway results that enhance the appearance of your property while performing how you need. We use quality materials, workmanship, and driveway paving methods to ensure that your newly paved driveway will remain a valuable asset to your property for years to come.

Driveways have become a decorative addition to properties in New Jersey. Because of light traffic on them, there are many options available to give them unique traits that accentuate your home, office, or property. Most homeowners are choosing paved driveways in Bergen County, NJ due to their low-maintenance quality, as well as the design features available to you.

Paving asphalt driveways in Bergen County, NJ has been a lifelong experience for me since 1959. It was then that I started my driveway paving company in Bergen County, NJ. I've seen businesses like mine come and go over the years. Sometimes good contractors failed to survive because consumers demanded prices contractors could not afford to give and still maintain the quality of their driveway paving work. Their business just dried up and blew away. Other driveway paving contractors went bankrupt trying to meet the price demand, At the same time I've watched while cheap driveway paving scammers thrived, paving driveways that fell apart in two years. Then along came the Internet and while most legitimate paving companies were concentrating on producing quality workmanship, the scammers concentrated on sucking the consumer in through the Internet with fancy websites, phony testimonials written by relatives and friends, low seductive prices, shoddy workmanship and short loading.

Yes, everyone will scramble for a low driveway paving price. People will wait outside stores, sometimes overnight, punching each other in the face to be first in place for the big sale to begin. The passion for a low price is a scammer's dream. Don't let it be your worst nightmare. There are prices that are not possible to achieve without drastically cutting the quality and quantity of the paving material. In the paving of asphalt driveways it is very easy for the contractor to save three quarters of his material costs simply by using one fourth of the necessary materials while telling you just the opposite. This can lead to his saving as much as $2000 or even $3000 on a single asphalt driveway paving job. So give yourself time to think outside of your desire for that super low price. Do some research, otherwise seduction by a passion for a low Driveway Paving price will get you almost every time and you'll hate yourself in the morning. There is a reason why at the top of my contracts this saying attributed to Benjamin Franklin: "The Bitterness of Poor Quality Is Remembered Long after the Sweetness of Low price is forgotten."

For a free driveway paving estimate, or for more information about our asphalt Driveway paving company in Bergen County, NJ, call McFarlane Paving at (201) 664-2696.

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