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Infrared Asphalt Repair in Bergen County, NJ

Asphalt prices have been increased dramatically over the last few years due to the fact that asphalt is a derivative of oil. McFarlane Paving understands this and provides a more efficient technique to minimize the cost of driveway repair in Bergen County. This is called infrared repair. The process of infrared repair in Bergen County requires highly specialized equipment and extensive training of personnel. Customers trust McFarlane Paving to get the job right.

Infrared repair in Bergen County starts by heating the asphalt surface to a temperature that allows for a smooth and level repair. Our infrared heaters have the ability to raise the temperature in such a manner that will leave the targeted area without burns or destruction of pavement.

In a matter of minutes, the targeted area will soften allowing for it to be raked. Once the old asphalt is ready to be raked, a highly specialized formula is sprayed onto the old asphalt. It is then raked into the old asphalt allowing for the lost fine oils to be replenished once the new asphalt is created. Virgin asphalt may be added to rebuild proper grading, leveling and/or slope. The targeted area is then compacted and fused into the still-solid areas surrounding it creating a seamless patch.

Additional benefits of infrared asphalt repair in Bergen County includes:

  • - Infrared repair in Bergen County can be performed 24/7. We are able to have hot asphalt ready at all times.
  • - It is environmentally friendly, as it recycling the old asphalt to create a new asphalt and nothing is wasted.
  • - The process is quick and efficient allowing for the asphalt to be ready for traffic in 1-2 hours.
  • - It creates a truly seamless patch that will not allow water to infiltrate.

If you have any potholes, temporary filled repairs or any other road defects call us immediately. Our team of experts will arrive to analyze the situation.

Contact us at (201) 664-2696 with any questions or for more information on infrared repair in Bergen County and other types of paving, paving maintenance and paving repair. Call today and receive a free infrared estimate!

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