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Are you worried about getting a decent driveway for the money you are going to spend? Most people are. The problem is finding a contractor who isn’t going to take advantage of your interest in a lower price. While searching for a lower price is something we all do for many reasons, it can have its drawbacks. Every contractor in the paving business is going to be interested in selling you the job. He knows you have gotten other prices from other contractors. So In order for him to develop a price that matches or beats the other contractor’s price, he simple takes advantage of the following opportunities.

The current cost of asphalt And trucking to your house is in the neighborhood of $80 per ton including tax. This is the first place to save money in order to lower the price. For instance, if your driveway size is approximately 2,000 ft.2 you will need 2 inches of hot asphalt or 24 tons to achieve that or 1.2 tons per hundred square feet. The contractor writes a proposal for your driveway using 2 inches of asphalt and then actually uses only three quarters of an inch, thus reducing the tonnage used for your driveway to approximately one-third or only 8 tons. Doing the math, contractor #1 uses 24 tons times $80 per ton equaling $1,920. Then add The cost of stone To reinforce the base at $700. Contractor #2 uses 8 tons Of recycled Poor quality asphalt At $65 per ton equaling $520 And no stone to reinforce the base saving Another $700. for a total material savings of $2100. Added to that, he uses cheap labor he picks up in the morning.( These day laborers do not know what they are doing.) He saves approximately $400 On labor and Workmen's Comp. insurance for a total of over $2,500 in savings. Of course, if you count the fact that these day laborers are uninsured and they get injured under New Jersey state law, they can sue you the homeowner. Your homeowners’ policy will not cover the claim.

Your legitimate contractor gives you a price of $6,500. The scam contractor comes up with a price of $4,200 to $5.000 Making a net profit between $200. and $1000. more than the legitimate contractor who Actually does a good job. you Have become a Another victim For the Scam artist. The worst of it is the legitimate contractors is forced to give out Many many unsuccessful estimates and eventually either conforms Becoming Another Scam artist Or He make no money, or go out of business while you get a driveway that falls apart in a few years. You lose and So does The legitimate contractor. The Scam artist wins that's why they're proliferating, Because it pays. Remember the bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten

Legitimate Estimate Of Material Cost For 2000 ft. driveway
Valid cost
Scammers cost
24 tons new asphalt including taxes and trucking cost
Added stone to reinforce the base after Driveway removal
Extra cost for skilled and Properly ensured craftsmen
Total material on 2000 ft. job cost cost Total

The Scam artist Can save up to $2,500.00 He then shoots the homeowner a price $1,500 less then a legitimate contractor and walks away laughing with an extra thousand dollars Of your hard-earned money in his pocket. Leaving you with A worthless driveway.

Paving asphalt driveways by McFarlane paving in Bergen County New Jersey and everything that goes with it, is what we have done for more than 56 years. Allow me the opportunity to offer you our professional commitment. We are proud to be a driveway paving contractor in NJ who brings value to the marketplace; value that is respected throughout, New Jersey. We are dedicated to honesty, integrity and the interests of all our customers.

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    We are happy to design and pave your driveway in style and with materials you desire.

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    Our interlocking pavers come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes to satisfy your own personal style.

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    Commercial parking lots paving for businesses. Quality, speed and Accuracy.

When you think about Asphalt Driveway Paving in Bergen County New jersey or Parking lot Paving call McFarlane Paving. We are dedicated to providing residents of Bergen County with driveway designs that showcase style, efficiency and quality craftsmanship. We can resurface or redesign any existing driveway or build new ones from scratch. We are a well-organized paving crew in Bergen County and run like clockwork to create your dream driveway using the professional methods and selected materials in any paving service we provide. For over 50 years, McFarlane Paving has provided its customers with a commitment to high quality workmanship at a fair price.

If you have more vehicles in your home or business than your driveway or parking area can accommodate, we will help you solve the problem with an addition, extension or new creation made from asphalt driveway paving or interlocking pavers, or even asphalt with a paver entrance and Belgian block curbings. If you have water problems, we can construct drainage systems. If retaining walls are needed, we can construct them as well. If your driveway is looking tired and worn, we will give it a facelift to turn it into a source of pride.

Your home is always a great investment you can make financially and it is one that you can enjoy with your family every day of your lives. Be assured that our free proposal is offered with our intention to deliver to you the value that is inherent in our 56 year tradition of quality service. We honestly look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship. Should you have any questions whatsoever please do not hesitate to call me at (201) 664-2696 With our free estimates we will be glad to give you a list of tips on how to secure honest estimates that can prevent you from being a victim of the many dishonest contractors and scammers that are unfortunately becoming more prevalent in the industry with the advent of the internet. Many many things have changed since we started this business in 1959 but the quality of our work, our honesty and integrity and loyalty to our customers best interests have not. I can absolutely guarantee you that I will not cut the quality of my work in any way so as to produce inferior work at a low price in order to seduce you into buying our services. You will pay a fair price for a top quality job. Regards Peter McFarlane founder McFarlane Paving Inc.

Call today for a free paving estimate from our paving company in Bergen County. We will be more than happy to assist you with any type of service you require, whether it is a driveway paving, parking lot paving, sidewalk, patio, curb, retaining wall and more.

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