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 McFarlane Driveway Paving Asphalt NJ

We offer a wide variety of driveways for our customers. We can resurface or redesign any existing driveway or build new ones from scratch. If you have more vehicles at your home or business than your driveway or parking area can accommodate, we will help you solve the problem with an addition, extension or new creation made from asphalt or interlocking pavers or asphalt with a paver entrance and Belgian block curbing.

When you have water problems, we can construct drainage systems. If retaining walls are needed, we can construct them as well. If your driveway is looking tired and worn, we will give it a facelift to make it a source of pride not embarrassment.

We do top quality work at a fair price

We do top quality work at a fair price with results you will love and we are right here in Mahwah NJ. Some of the products and services we provide for our clients include driveway paving, retaining walls, Belgian block curbing, interlocking paving stones, and  walks, and paving of parking lots.

Our skilled craftsmen create asphalt driveways in New Jersey that last. For this reason McFarlane Paving has been designing and paving driveways in Bergen, Morris, Passaic, and Essex Counties, NJ since 1959. Bringing quality work for the purpose of enhancing your home’s curb appeal.

Highest quality

Most importantly, with this intention we will listen to your driveway paving questions and discuss all options available to you as the homeowner. In brief, if you want the highest quality at a fair price, choose McFarlane Paving for all your driveway paving needs.

Constructing asphalt driveway paving with you in mind.

Constructing asphalt driveway paving and parking lots with you in mind, Here you can visit our video page to learn more about the driveway paving business just click this link ( here is link) A member of our family owned and run business will be pleased to meet with you to discuss all the possibilities for your paving project. We understand that your home or business is your largest investment and because of this you can trust that we will build a beautiful driveway or parking lot for you.
McFarlane Paving A name you can trust puttting all the pieces together now for 60 years

Most importantly, the experts at McFarlane Paving are ready to work with all your creative paving needs. We have all the specialized equipment and people to get the job done right the first time!

Our efficiency allows for more accurate estimates for our customers so you can stay within your budget for your asphalt driveway paving project. We try to make all the pieces come together for you to create a driveway that is uniquely yours. We are a premier provider of asphalt paving entering our 60 th year in buisness.

Custom installation of your asphalt driveway.

There is no one else that does it better than McFarlane Paving.The custom installation of your asphalt driveway is our objective. Consequently you can trust our friendly driveway service to properly install whatever paving project you have in mind. Give us a call today at 201-664-2696 for prompt service. Don’t forget to take advantage of our fall – Coupon Promo code: fall 2018

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If you want quality work at a fair price choose McFarlane Paving!
There’s no getting around it your driveway plays a big role in how your home looks. It’s a sizable part of your home’s appearance. A typical 20-foot-by-50-foot suburban driveway is about 1000 square feet, a large area of your front yard. Yet we often regard this hard working necessity simply as utilitarian. With a little imagination however, you can cook up a great-looking driveway that’ll boost curb appeal and help preserve and increas the value of your property. Go to our ( Driveway Ideas ) page above in the menu head.


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McFarlane Driveway Paving

Asphalt & Hardscape Driveway Designs

A driveway is the ultimate front yard amenity. It’s the center of your attention as well as being a functional necessity. Other homeowners will see your driveway as a strong aesthetic element, the focal point of the entire landscape. When driveways include Decorative stone work, unique edging, specialty materials and design features, they have powerful influence on the surrounding outdoor living spaces, particularly when well illuminated by night lighting.

Driveway Design

It’s important to remember that a driveway is just one part of the larger picture. Therefore, it’s best to use a driveway expert to design the driveway as well as the surrounding area’s at the same time. All too often a driveway contractor is employed first to design the driveway without an idea of how the surrounding area’s will tie in together. The result is that your driveway and landscape do not flow together, and you lose the chance to combine the options that prove more valuable for the same price.

Do it right

Because driveways are such an expensive investment, it’s important to remember to take your time with the design. You will only have one shot at doing it right. Your design choices of materials and detailing should be your highest priority so your driveway design won’t go unnoticed or out of style in the near future. Be aware of imitation products. Look for brand name materials before you invest. The rigors of time and weather take it’s toll on products that are inferior. Chemically treated water may have more consequences for untested materials that have not shown there merit.

Whole new driveway

Homes with older driveways are being upgraded, and that means the driveway itself should be remodeled too. The cost and difficulty of remodeling can cost almost as much as building a whole new driveway. Problems with the old driveway such as bad drainage, faulty retaining walls, or aged electrical and piping lines under the driveway can be costly and involved. Designers and contractors should be experienced with remodeling a driveway. Before you decide who will take on your project talk every detail through.

Customer satisfaction

In addition to that, use well known companies that have been in business a long time and will be around in the future in case something goes wrong after the job is done. New contractors have a higher risk of going out of business. Do your homework and research customer satisfaction. Always choose the best contractor for the job. If you are left with an incomplete project by an inexperienced contractor, the cost of completing the project with the new contractor is sure to exceed your budgeted plans.

Andrey Kosovych

McFarlane Paving recently completed paving my driveway,
including lining the entire length with stone edging and a
stone entrance.
The work was meticulously done, the driveway looks beautiful,
and it was very pleasant dealing with Peter Sr., his son Peter,
and their crew. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Response from Peter McFarlane – 36 month ago

Thank you very much Andrey working for you is a pleasure!

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