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Eileen Geraghty  2 Months ago  

McFarlane Paving is exceptional and checked off every box when it comes to quality workmanship, attention to detail and outstanding customer service. The crew arrived on time with smiles ready to tackle a large winding driveway with a curving brick retaining wall that had fallen into disrepair. They paid particular attention to the low lying areas to prevent pooling water for proper drainage. They also spent extra  time expanding the driveway to accommodate a neighbor’s request without hesitation or disruption to their artistry. I recommend McFarlane 15 out of 10

Response from the owner  2 months ago
Thank you so much Ms. Geraghty we had a great day talking with you and building your custom driveway! Thank you for a fantastic review it helps us big time! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day.
Thank you

PL Wallach  2 weeks ago  

These guys redid our driveway two years ago and it looks as good today as it looks thecday that they finished. They do it right the first time and they don’t cut any corners. Beware anyone who tells you they can do it cheaper than macfarlane. They may save you a little bit but you will end up paying more when it needs to be fixed in six months. Or three. Or one. Get it done right and call these guys. Recommend them highly.
Response from the owner  2 weeks ago
Thank you so much Mr. Wallach we had a great time helping you with your project! Thank you for a great review it helps us alot! Thank you for taking the time out of your day. I know it’s not easy today, Every one is very busy.
Thank you

Kathryn Zegarra 1 review a month ago


We highly recommend this company. I usually do not write reviews but the work that McFarlane Paving completed at my house was exquisite and I felt that I needed to share my experience. Set up an estimate online and Peter called me shortly after to confirm the appointment, he was prompt and the price he quoted was fair. He explained everything that would be done. He scheduled the work for about 2 weeks out.
The day before the work was scheduled to begin he called to me to confirm. The crew arrived on time and started working immediately. We reviewed the job and agreed on everything. My driveway looks amazing and I am so happy with the results. The entire experience was seamless and stress-free. It is really nice to work with a company that does what they say they will do. Thank you McFarlane Paving!
Response from the ownera month ago

Thanks for the great review Kathryn

John Nacco – 2 weeks ago 

Excellent Job And very professional. First time in 30 years I ever had my driveway done, who knows about driveways not me! Pretty cut and dry stuff sqft 2 1/2 inch over existing is equal to an exact amount of blacktop. Simple stuff and if they are giving you price from their head it may be cheaper but is it the same amount? All I’m saying is I was super comfortable with the company and Pete giving me my blacktop education and love that they’ve been in Bergen County and Bergen County company for 40 plus years. My driveway looks awesome!!!! Thanks again McFarlane!
Response from Peter McFarlane – 1 week ago

Thank you John for a brilliant review and thank you for the work!

Barbara Ripston – 6 years ago  

McFarlane Paving has expanded and paved 3 driveways for me at 3 separate homes. Each and every time the work has been of the highest quality. The first 2 times I got quotes from other contractors before selecting McFarlane Paving. After my experiences with them, the next time I needed a driveway, I only contacted McFarlane Paving – I knew I would only use them! Peter McFarlane is a true professional. His crew is outstanding and courteous. I highly recommended them.
Response from Peter McFarlane – 3 weeks  ago

Thank you Barbara you are so kind to give such nice review !

Richard Pelican – 1 month ago  

I live on a sloping down property. The builder had stripped most of the topsoil from the property leaving clay not more than six inches from the surface. The driveway he put in started crumbling the day we moved in. After five years, my wife and I said it was time for a new driveway. We called McFarlane Paving, a well respected business. Mr. McFarlane gave me a fair price, but said, “We stand behind our work. If you have any problems, we will be back.”
Well, after four years a dip in the driveway began to develop due to our water problem. They came and not only fixed it, they repaved the entire driveway! My driveway is double-wide and extends about 80 feet. It’s a family business, and they have been in business for a very long time. My recommendation is to look no further than Peter McFarlane Paving. You won’t regret it.
Response from Peter McFarlane – 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the great review Richard. I appreciate it. If you ever have any problems in the future just give us a call. Regards Peter McFarlane – McFarlane Paving.

Ray Nassr – 2 months ago  

Excellent! Peter McFarlane Paving did a great job ripping up and re-paving our driveway. Peter is very easy to reach by phone, answers all questions patiently, is very knowledgeable, follows up on everything, honest and a pleasure to work with. It is a family run business that has been around for 60 years. Only the best can stay in business that long!!! His son, Brennan, and all employees are very friendly and professional. These are some of the hardest working people I have ever seen. We are very happy with our choice and highly recommend McFarlane Paving to anyone needing their driveway paved.
Response from Peter McFarlane – 2 months ago

Thank you for a stellar review Ray. Thanks for taking the time!

Kiersten Omland – 7 months ago  

McFarlane Paving was AMAZING! We recently built our house and only had stone for a driveway for about a year….McFarlane came in and constructed our new driveway from scratch. We have had no issues with water or ponding and it is so nice to walk out our door onto a fresh new driveway! Peter was always pleasant and always always answered his phone or returned a call. The whole crew and McFarlane family that came out to construct our driveway was very friendly and always available to speak with me! A great experience and would highly recommend them!
Response from Peter McFarlane – 7 months ago

Thank you for such a nice review Kiersten, Best regards Peter McFarlane, McFarlane paving.

Gal Davidi – 3 weeks ago  

Very professional. Beautiful job. Thank you.
Response from Peter Mcfarlane – 1 week ago

Thank you Gal !

Brian Harmes – 9 months ago  

Peter was fantastic. He spent about 45 minutes with me during the initial site inspection, answering all my questions and offering advice. His crew, Brennan, Peter and team were very thorough, attentive and professional. I couldn’t be happier and highly recommend McFarlane Paving.
Response from Peter McFarlane – 9 months ago

Thank you so much Brian. I enjoyed working for you! You are the best!

Ashley Mungiello – 8 months ago  

Not only did Peter do a fantastic job on our driveway and sidewalk, but he was also a pleasure to work with. So kind, personable, and knowledgeable! Great man, great business, great paving. We’re a huge fan!
Response from Peter McFarlane – 8 months ago

Thanks Ashley, It was a pleasure working for you and your husband. Peter McFarlane.

John Roper – 9 months ago  


McFarlane Paving certainly earns their reputation. They recently replaced our driveway. Pete McFarlane, his sons and crew were extremely professional

They most certainly know their business and expertly and meticulously provide the customer with top notch service. We couldn’t be more pleased or rave more highly about their work. They are a pleasure to work with!


Response from Peter McFarlane – 9 months ago

Thanks a lot John for the great review. Peter McFarlane and sons.

Judith Klein – 11 months ago  

When I first began the search for someone to pave our driveway I ran into a lot of “no calls” and “no shows”. Fortunately for our family, I found McFarlane Paving and called. Peter McFarlane promptly came to the house and gave us an estimate we could work with. He explained in detail what needed to be done and how it should be done… the right way. I cannot say enough about the professionalism of the crew, including Peter McFarlane’s sons, while they worked on one of the hottest days in July to fulfill their promise and give us a new driveway.
They arrived at the house on time, explained the process and worked with us every step of the way. Our family is so pleased with the work and the driveway is beautiful! This is a company with integrity, and I did not hesitate in giving McFarlane Paving 5 stars and would recommend them to family members and friends without hesitation.
Response from Peter McFarlane – 11 months ago

Thanks Judith ,It was a pleasure working for you. Peter McFarlane McFarlane paving.

John Greaney – 10 months ago  

Peter and his sons were extremely professional and the driveway installation came out great. I highly recommend this company. The project was finished on time and on budget.
Response from Peter McFarlane – 10 months ago

Thanks a lot John we appreciate the review. Regards Peter McFarlane –

 McFarlane paving

Robert Medeiros – 1 year ago  

McFarlane Paving was recommended to me by a neighbor who was extremely satisfied with their work. I have heard nothing but very good things about McFarlane Paving over the years, and it’s obvious why. Everyone I know who had them do work, has their driveway, still looking beautiful after many years.
The price was very fair for very high quality work. Even years from now, the driveway will enhance the property value. The crew was right on time as scheduled andthey neatly excavated and paved with great attention to detail.
McFarlane has sixty years of an excellent reputation, and when I spend this kind of money, I don’t take chances. I highly recommend McFarlane paving.

Response from Peter McFarlane – 12 months ago

Thank You Robert, I appreciate the work that you gave to me and my crew! 
And thank you for the kindness in your review of us. 

I have the greatest customers
and you are one of the best!!

Sharon Basu – 1 year ago  

Peter McFarlane did an outstanding job on my driveway. I highly recommend him. He is a pleasure to work with and his organization is very professional.
Response from Peter McFarlane – 11 month ago

Thank you Sharon for a wonderful review and the great time we had working with you!

Grace Currid – 1 year ago  

Did a GREAT job for me. My driveway was very “flat” and he had to make sure he adjusted the pitch so water would drain properly. VERY SATISFIED. Workers were efficient, clean and quick. End product looks perfect, could not be more happy!
Response from Peter – 11 months ago

Thank you Grace we love a good challange, you are a pleasure to work for!!!

Doug Smith

10 months ago  

How refreshing to deal with a professional who keeps his promises, charges fair prices and does A+ work. There were a few extras needed for my driveway to be done right and although I was not home to watch the finished product was exactly as required for the site.
Response from Peter McFarlane – 10 months ago

Thanks Doug it was a pleasure working for you. Best regards Peter McFarlane –

McFarlane Paving.

Edwin Groetsema – 1 year ago  

I have to say you McFarlane’s  are tops in my book. When you first came out I was very impressed as you took your time to explain everything, plus we seemed to have other common interest. I knew that I wanted to do business with  your company. Your quote wasn’t the cheapest , but it wasn’t the highest either . I just felt that McFarlane’s reputation did it for me. I was right! Everything McFarlane did as I watch, you or one of your sons explain the process. It’s great to see a family business run so well. The result everything was completed on time. It looks great. Your customer service is unbelievable it was like we were family.
Response from Peter McFarlane – 11 months ago

Edwin it was a great day in our company to work for a man like you, Thank You!!

Patricia Maiello – 1 year ago  

McFarlane Paving does stellar work and I can’t recommend them highly enough! Superb attention to details on all four projects we hired them for (demolishing, replacing and widening our old driveway, installing two beautiful, intricately designed paver stone walkways, plus an attention-grabbing paverstone patio in our rear yard). Pete and his sons are pleasant, knowledgeable, courteous, helpful and truly go above and beyond! Pay for quality work from this reputable company; don’t go with anyone else! Pics to come.
Response from Peter McFarlane – 11 months ago

Patricia it is our pleasure to work for such an outstanding individual as yourself !

Bern Camp – 1 year ago  

 We hired McFarlane Driveways to pave our driveway on our new home. The driveway was not an easy job. As a business owner myself for the passed 43/yrs. I look for integrity, honesty, quality, performance. Peter McFarlane followed thru on everything he said and more. It was a pleasure working with him, his sons & crew. He is always there at the drop of a hat if you need him. That’s the way service is suppose to be. Thank You Peter.
Response from Peter McFarlane – 11 months ago

 Bern it was a pleasure meeting you and talking with you, you are a real gentleman!

Rahul Basu – 1 year ago  

MacFarlane Paving did our driveway about 7 years ago. Great job and very reasonably priced. We noticed a few cracks at the end of the driveway recently. We called them, they showed up a couple of days later and did a magnificent repair job  FREE of charge. This is unheard of in today’s world. We would highly recommend them for a paving job. Basu, Hillsdale NJ
Response from Peter McFarlane – 12 month ago

Thank you Rahul Basu. You are a very good customer. Thank you again!

Robert Clifford – 2 years ago  

 Last year it was finally time to replace my driveway which was 30+ years old. I called a few different companies and McFarlane was one of the few that actually showed up for an estimate. They were competitive with the others, but more experienced and I appreciated Mr. McFarlane’s knowledge and no-nonsense way of doing business. They did a superior job on the driveway, better that I expected. A snowplow slightly damaged it over the winter and they repaired it at no additional cost. I appreciate their professionalism and would highly recommend them for any paving job.
Response from Peter McFarlane – 23 months ago

Robert You have a beautiful home, thank you for letting us be a part your day!

Allison Coya – 2 years ago  

Peter and his crew were extremely professional and precise. They understood our needs and ensured that everything would be done properly & perfectly. They gave the most bang for the buck! Our driveway looks amazing! We couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you, Peter!
Response from Peter McFarlane – 23 month ago

Thank you Allison

Cheryl Mallon – 2 years ago  

I recently had McFarlane repave my 30 year old 1800 sq ft driveway. The job was done quickly and efficiently. The driveway looks beautiful. What a difference! Peter is a true old school professional which is hard to come by these days. I highly recommend McFarlane Paving.
Response from Peter McFarlane – 24 month ago

Thank you Cheryl you were very nice and thank you for your valuable time to write this review for us!!! Peter McFarlane

Kathy Kim – 2 years ago  

Peter McFarlene is wonderful! He is honest, more than fair, and most importantly experienced. We widened and expanded our driveway and Peter and his team were in consistent communication with us from start to finish. He gave us useful advice but not pushy in any way. The driveway looks beautiful – thank you!
Response from Peter McFarlane – 22 months ago

Thank you very much Kathy, it was our pleasure!

Ryan Favre – 2 years ago  

For a contractor to answer the phone, make an appointment and show up in Bergen County is a plus! I met with Peter, told him my concerns about certain problems with our driveway which he noted on the proposal. He was professional and honest. I would rather deal with someone who has been in business for many years then someone who mails ads with only a phone number and no address where they are located.
Our driveway looks amazing! Everything promised was done, we’ve had rain and there are no puddles! We know we made the right decision in choosing McFarlane Paving.
Response from Peter McFarlane – 23 months ago

Thank you Ryan we greatly appreciate your review, it helps us so much!

Daniel Kolbanovskiy – 2 years ago  

We hired Peter McFarlane to repave the driveway in our home. After several initial conversations with other contractors I was glad I stumbled upon McFarlane while searching for contractors in Bergen County. Peter was courteous, professional, and very pleasant to work with. The finished driveway looks good and McFarlane does guarantee his work.
Response from Peter McFarlane – 20 months ago

Thank you Daniel for the work and also for your time writing this review!

Michael Levy – 1 year ago  


The issues related to our driveway were water run-off that seeped into the basement, cornerstones that were dislodged due to creeping roots, and the primary issue of the main root stem that had bulged completely through and across the driveway asphalt–making it impassable. We couldn’t use the garage or do proper snow removal due to the root obstacle.

I called McFarlane Paving and within hours, Peter McFarlane, Sr.–the owner–arrived to survey the situation. He explained thoughtfully and clearly how we could conquer all our problems and then some.

Guided Succcess

He guided us to secure the necessary permit and then coordinated with the tree surgeon to ensure that the roots were properly addressed and, where necessary, removed so that the footings of the Belgian blocks to frame the driveway could be done correctly.

Once the green light was given, the McFarlane crew of dedicated professionals with years of experience arrived and immediately went to work removing the worn out material and outlined and framed the new borders, which would raise the surface to marry up with the garage flooring and more importantly engineered the proper pitch so water would run away from the house.

Labor intensive

While this was labor-intensive, it fell well within the confines of the price quotation, and the end results were far superior to anything we had hoped for.

Within two days, the most magnificent transformation was completed, with smooth surface results bordered by gleaming Belgian blocks. And we were able to expand the garage area so that two cars could be parked side by side.

Curb appeal

In days, what appeared to be an aged home had taken on glamour, curb appeal, and youthfulness simply from the improvement of a driveway–often ignored but necessary—and provided dramatic contrast between the new surface and the home itself.

Important to us was not simply the end product, which is outstanding, but the attention to detail where every stone was gauged to the preceding one, which is old world construction requiring skill, time, and proper measurement–along with care and pride in workmanship .

And at no time did this difficult task ever get out of hand. At the end of the day, the men kept the work area orderly and clean–and most pleasing and comforting were the returning visits and inspections by Mr. McFarlane himself to insure the finished product would be perfect.

Necessary Construction

It is already assumed that while it was necessary for this construction undertaking to happen, quite frankly the value of the home is likely to have increased and, more importantly, the enhancement to the neighborhood is a benefit since the compliments have started rolling in.

Response from Peter McFarlane – 12 months ago

WOW!!! What a great review. Thank you so much Michael for the privilege of working for you. You are a true gentleman!

Ulrich H – 1 year ago  

Peter and his team did a great job. I am completely satisfied with the entire project. Thanks.
Response from Peter McFarlane 19 month ago

Thank you Ulrich !!!

Barbara Manis – 3 years ago  

We recently had our driveway repaved by McFarlane Paving, We were totally impressed with the quality of the paving and of the work. The finished driveway is a work of art…perfectly smooth with sculptured edges. We could not be more  pleased. Even where the driveway abuts existing structures there is a neat and clearly defined edge.

Response from Peter McFarlane 35 months ago


Barbara We enjoyed the whole process of paving your driveway! Thanks for your


Andrey Kosovych – 3 years ago  

McFarlane Paving recently completed paving my driveway, including lining the entire length with stone edging and a stone entrance. The work was meticulously done, the driveway looks beautiful, and it was very pleasant dealing with Peter Sr., his son Peter, and their crew. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Response from Peter McFarlane – 36 month ago

Thank you very much Andrey working for you is a pleasure!

Jane Morais – 3 years ago  

Excellent job from start to finish.
Response from Peter McFarlane – 36 month ago

Thanks Jane for a great review !

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