Mcfarlane Asphalt Paving

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Today is the day for a brand new driveway to accent your beautiful home!

Let the work begin removing asphalt a couple layers thick today! Videos

Nothing like a brand new Belgian block border to brighten up your driveway.

Mr. McFarlane over seeing yet another project in Montvale Nj Videos

Asphalt paving Bergen County New Jersey get the job done right!

Digging out for a new paving stone sidewalk in Upper Saddle River.

A nice Paver Block retaining wall Rivervale New Jersey

Finishing the pavement for a nice smooth driveway.


We offer a wide variety of driveway options for our customers. We can resurface or redesign your existing driveway or build new ones from scratch. If you have more vehicles than your driveway or parking area can accommodate, we can help you solve the problem! You can install an addition or an extension made from asphalt or interlocking pavers or asphalt with a paver entrance and Belgian block borders.


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